About Us

Hello to all that view our online store my name is Samantha Spencer Manageress of Arrkaz CBD.We are primarily a family run company operating out of Birmingham, West Midlands. We have our own vehicles so will do our own local deliveries to you should you so wish.

We stock a variety of the best CBD goods around from;

- Edibles, Oils, Flowers, Creams, Grinders, Vapes, etc

Sourced worldwide with certificates of bud strains to show conformation of CBD and THC percentages

We also have exclusive creams and oils from the U.K's best maker of CBD goods called Cleveland he is a person who takes his profession seriously and we have tried many oils and found his to be of top class as he goes the extra mile to refine his Full Spectrum oils 4 times unlike any other maker/distributor who do it once.

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A big thank you to all the companies working with us.

*Please note pictures vary on quality from one device to another*